Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary in Heaven, Mom & Dad. Seventy years ago today, my parents, John and Elizabeth, were married in St. Brigid’s Church. What love and faith and courage it must have taken to make a joyful commitment to the future, with the dark clouds of world war hovering all around. Yet they took the step and began a family, trusting that “all will be well”. Thanks to them - and their faith, so many lives exist today, including my own, my children, and my grandchildren. I am grateful for my Mom and Dad. And for this day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Brooklyn Bluegrass in the Bronx

I spent yesterday evening, a perfect summer evening, at the Bronx Botanical Garden for their summer concert series. What a delight! Enjoying a light supper with my friend Catherine amidst the trees, watching the sky grow dark.

The concert was astonishing. A Brooklyn Bluegrass group - the M. Shanghai String Band - came to entertain us in the Bronx. Bluegrass music is happy music. It plants a smile on your face, sets your feet tappin’ and your hands clappin’. The joy seeps right down to your soul. I kept feeling like my heart was laughing through the whole concert.

And what a great group! They played new songs about the big city and old Bluegrass favorites. They had banjos, fiddles, guitars, harmonica, even a wash board and a singing saw! What a wonderful gift these musicians have. Do they realize how much their music affects those who listen and enjoy it, the happiness it brings even if for only a few moments. However, for me, the magic of the evening lingered on, clinging like a happy cloud for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tech Support

My 8 year old granddaughter, Sierra, just showed me how to add pictures to my blog! I am amazed at how easy it was, not that I could have figured it out myself. Thank you Sierra. The first picture I am posting is of you!