Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Star Trek

I am a huge Star Trek fan. I search the cable channels for reruns. I joined netflix just to view old episodes. And not just the original - I love Star Trek the Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9) and Voyager. The only series that didn't thrill me was Enterprise but I watched it all anyway.

Star Trek has helped distract me during times of stress. The writing on most episodes was so superior to what is on television today. They dealt with social issues, intolerance, and much more in a way that maybe helped some of us look at our prejudices. And Earth (if not the Federation) had actually achieve peace in the 24th century!

But the episodes I really enjoyed were the "relationship" ones. Like "Companion" in the original series where an alien being sacrifices "her" immortality to take a form that Zephraim Cochrane (the inventor of warp drive!) can love with. I guess his love wasn't as unconditional as hers. And the TNG episode where Captain Picard lives a whole other life with a wife and family on another planet that has been destroyed for 1000 years. Or when the hologram doctor in Voyager creates a family for himself and then learns what it is to lose a child. Very strong stuff!

Star Trek has also touched on some very deep spiritual issues. More about those in later blogs.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


The first film I've seen this new year is "Doubt". It took me back to the "old Church" days of the fifties, when nuns wore habits and priests faced the altar during Mass. Nice to reminisce and see familiar Bronx scenes. Meryl Streep was the composite of every kid's worst memory of a nun. As usual, she did an outstanding job. In fact, all the acting was superior. And it was a good story - you just don't know: "Did he or didn't he?" It's interesting to observe suspected child abuse by the clergy from our 21st century perspective. Also thought the power conflict between priest and nun was pretty accurately portrayed. I liked this movie and recommend it - especially to us old timers who remember the pre-Vatican II days. It will make you think.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidays Over

Can Christmas be over already? Where does the time go? Has anyone else noticed that time passes more swiftly these days? Not that many are sad to see 2008 behind us. Yet, today for my first blog of the new year 2009, I prefer to dwell on the positive.

Lets see .... Christmas was hectic but happy this year. Dinner was at my house and we worked hard, especially Angel, to make it delicious and welcoming. It was great to see my sister and brother-in-law, my brother Jeff and his family and of course, my daughter Tina and family crowded into our tiny living room. But we all got to enjoy our meal - buffet style - and open presents. There seemed to be so many bags and boxes that it took me several days to discern who gave us what. So many lovely thoughtful gifts - especially the homemade knitted variety and the home baked yummy ones! The company and warmth of family - that's what mattered most.

After Christmas we joined my son and family for lunch and a movie. It's always a joy to be with Sam, growing so strong and handsome. The celebration continued yesterday at Jeff's and we got to see Claudia, Rob and Adrian and more family.

So I start 2009 grateful for family, for the hope of a new president and hope for the economy. I pray that this year will be a healthy one for us all.