Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hurricane

The hours before Irene’s arrival were eerily quiet; I believe in the calm before the storm.

After so much worry and anxiety, it was as though nature was forcing us to rest before the big fight…. that she would win. And a poem came.

The Hurricane

Asleep, awaiting Irene,
dread drudged down deep
beneath a numbing calm.

Perhaps they’re wrong.
Perhaps she’ll pass us by.
Perhaps the storm of reckoning
is yet another day ….

Time, inscrutable time
races as slowly as death,
drawing incredibly near.

Irene will surely come
to claim her crown of victory
over mere mortals.

© E.M. Ramos 8/27/2011

Happily there was not much damage in our area. The media can sure make you crazy. Then again, it’s always wise to be prepared. As always, prayer helps. I kept thinking of the gospel of Jesus asleep in the boat and the apostles panicking. Help me, Lord!


jugglingpaynes said...

I like that one. It shows the impatience to just get it over with. Which was what I was feeling!


Angel R said...

Isn't it nie nature moves at itsown pace. Imagine if everyone could exert influene over its behavior, Irene would still be spinning out of ontrol somewhere and vanishing all at one.
Nice caption in your poem.
Love, Angel