Monday, September 19, 2011

Scribbles, R.I.P.

Today is a sad day. Our pet cat, Scribbles died early this morning. His illness came on suddenly and we took him to the vet on Friday. They could not identify what exactly was the cause of his illness. We decided against expensive and intensive treatment that didn’t have any guarantees, and brought him home.

Suddenly I missed all the things about Scribbles that I used to complain about. Like when he would jump on the table. His uncanny ability to appear when I took out the can opener from the drawer or some Deli meat from the fridge. How he’d stand up, paws on the kitchen counter, head looking up expectantly. I’d have to keep a pile of turkey to feed him to get a little space to make my sandwich. I missed him chasing Shady around the house, galloping up and down the stairs, waiting at the door when he heard Angel’s car, sitting on top of the rocker while I did my crosswords. I feel so guilty for yelling at him. I didn’t realize how much I loved that little ball of orange fur. How much a part of our family he’d become.

When Scribbles was a kitten, the pattern on his side looked like the letters J-O-Y. Tina named him Scribbles; it was a good name for him. But he did live his life filled with “Joy”. And he brought lots of joy into Angel’s life. And mine.

Angel was so good to Scribbles. He cared for him when he was well and during the two week mysterious illness that claimed his life. Angel said that Scribbles was a good friend to him. Well, Angel was a good friend to Scribbles. He sat with him and comforted him to the end. That’s what friends do. And it’s hard.

What did Scribbles teach me in his brief life? That when you are free to be totally yourself - and he was! - no matter what old lady is yelling at you, then you live a full life, a life of joy. And you bring joy into the lives of others, even though you are a lowly furry creature.

I learned that what annoys me about others may very well be what I miss most when they are gone. So maybe I need to reassess all my relationships. They may not be what I think they are. They may mean a lot more to me than I realize. Thank you, Scribbles. Thank you for being you. For bringing joy into our lives. Thank you for annoying me - I needed that. I will miss you mucho.


Lisoak said...

What a beautiful tribute to Scribbles, the joyful kitty.

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm going to miss Scribbles too. I still remember how he got stuck behind the kitchen cabinets and made Merlin frantic. Sierra pointed out how their lives mirrored the Weasley twins. Pranksters, fun-loving, teasers, Hobgoblin ended up with the bad ear, and Scribbles died. Eerie.

I'm glad Scribbles taught you a little about being grateful for those annoying habits. It was what I learned too. The cats can still annoy me, but I always take it with some gratitude for making my life interesting and always loving me, even if I yell at them.

Love, T.

Angel R said...

Teahers are sometimes the least loved and most appreciated. Sribbles may have done his job after all. I always knew you loved him. He was as independent as you are and as loving as he could be in his own time frame also just as you are, The house feels empty without him,just as empty as it feels when you are out. That's the story of your two paralell lives.
Thank you for the thoughts. Love.

Kathy & Rich said...

We know just how you feel and send our love. What a beautiful tribute to your little friend.

Jan said...

So sorry, so sad. I always loved how Scribbles got his name.

Jan said...

So sorry, so sad. I always loved the story how Scribbles got his, which he brought to you and Angel and the family.