Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Early Thanksgiving

I have been so busy lately that my blog has suffered. As I revisited my autumn poems to share, I did notice that they seem a bit sad and it surprised me; it certainly wasn't intentional. It seems that Autumn in New York has become a November rather than October happening. Today, as I looked up at the sky, I thought: "That's a November sky all right." And I remembered the following poem.

An Early Thanksgiving

That’s a November sky up there
Dark clouded circles drooping from its heavy lidded eyes
Frosty breath chasing fingers into pockets
Planting autumn’s answers in the
Deep down dirt of harvesting hearts
That walk along the noisy banks of the silent river
Pondering the taste of pumpkin memories
Singing in the shower of leaves
Their sacred songs, a glorious chorus of joyous hues
As gratitude graces a new generation of pilgrims.

Copyright Eleanor Ramos 10/23/04

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall's Farewell

The leaves are taking a long time to turn this year. Last weekend we hiked in Bear Mountain; it was peak. This weekend - all at once - the colors have come to the city trees. My trek through the Botanical Gardens forest yesterday, under a "Noel" gray sky, was awesome. And so it seems that most of my Autumn poems were born in November.


Autumn lingers a bit longer this year,
Tempting me to taste her fiery fruits.

Leaves let go and flutter like confetti,
Embracing me within their whirling waltz.

But I’ve no room to swallow autumn’s music,
No time to feast upon her pungent poems.

I plod along my way with leaden footstep,
My binging heart too gorged to find its home.

Soon darkness slowly steals across the journey,
Extending over me his hovering hand.

Such comfort, so much safer than fiesta,
I hide within his grasp awaiting dawn.

E. M. Ramos 11/14; 12/13/2000